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 SEO Expert in Mumbai | Digital Marketing Updates | Sebastian Braganza

Digital Marketing Latest Updates by professional Sebastian Braganza who writes blogs on digital marketing, seo , ppc, social media etc related niche areas for novice as well as professionals.

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How to make money by creating your own website or blog

  I am listing down 16 quick tips as how you can make good money just by creating your own website or your blog. You can create a normal blog on or, but make sure you post quality content and share the content on social media platform so that there is agood amount of traffic coming on your website.

1. Website Design -  Your website's template and design should relevant to your site’ title and content. You wouldn't want to use a dog graphic header on an e-commerce website that sells cell phones.

2. Email Alerts to your subscribers - Whenever you have added new articles and content to your site let your visitors know immediately. You can do this by alerting your visitors using email. This will increase the numbers of people revisiting your web site.

3. Contact Info Updated on website and all portal online - Let your visitors know about your email address or even telephone number on your website. This offers a way to visitors to contact you to ask for more information and assistant which will enable you to build good relationship with your visitors. And those who are in the same niches may contact you requesting for potential joint venture for making more money online.

4.Offline Opportunity of Online Content.-  Provide an option to your visitors to view your website offline. You can offer it by autoresponder or printer friendly version.You can give  info in PPT mode too and once you have gained lot of audience they you can move on creating paid work.

5. Content Original & Unique -  Make sure your web content is original and targeted to your audience to avoid being seen as spamming by search engines. Search engines are good sources of high quality targeted traffic to your website in long term.Always keep your content original and unique in its own way

6. Tripwire Marketing strategies -   Give your visitors a good reason to come back to your site. You may try to give incentives to encourage them revisiting your site like providing free games, adding entertaining videos frequently, allowing free downloads such as ebooks and software that are useful to your visitors.Use all these trip marketing strategies on your website

If you want to know more about tripwire marketing strategies then click on this link : tripwire marketing 

7. Customize you website in logical and profitable sequence. - You don't want people to see your freebies before they learn about what products you are offering. Identify what actions you want people to take when they are visiting your website that will make you profitable and then organize your site accordingly to entice people to take that action. If you main purpose is to earn money with cost-per-click ads programs such as AdSense, YPN, etc; you’ll want your visitors to click on your CPC ads to earn money. So you’ll need to place your CPC ads in the areas that will be easily seen by people when they first landed on your home page.

8.FAQ Section for users -  If you’re selling products or services or offering something free to use on your website. Don’t forget to add a FAQs section on your website that will answer your visitors and users questions immediately. This will simply make your visitors more happier visiting your site or using your free service as they are getting immediate assistance reading your FAQs.

9. Adsense Ads : You can put adsense ads on your blogs and website, but make sure they are not taking users away from your site.Make sure your ads actually are helping the user and not diverting them to a different path. You can make use of both CPM ads and CPC ads.

10. You can also add affiliate image & links on your website or blog. All these affiliate links needs to be relevant to your content. I have my friend who  has a book webpage section on his wesbite. His wesbite is related to digital marketing. he had placed all a affiliate image ads related to digital marketing books on his book webpage.You can also use all the affiliate links in the website content.

11. Image Gallery - You can create a section to add a gallery of free images and if they want to access paid images they need to pay a small amount for the same.

12 : Media Buying & selling- Once your have become popular, you can keep your website open for media buying and selling so that people who want to buy a particular space on your website, can pay a commission for it.

13. Digital products - You can sell lot of digital products on your website like educational DVDs, ebooks, videos, plugins, onlinc courses etc

14. Memberships -  You can sell membership on your website. You can give lot of free material to your audience and if they are interested in more content then you can give them silver membership, gold membership, platinum membership etc etc for a certain amount.

15. Content Upgrades : You can give relevant content to your audience which may be made by your hard earned research, case studies, your subject matter knowledge and you need to keep an option to your users, ie. if they want to get all your content, then they need to upgrade for it.

16. Hosting : You can share hosting services on your website if you are in hosting business. You can give them free hosting and give them other features if they want to go for paid plan.

For all these things your need to marketi your website or blog strongly, gain lot of subscribers, open your website for ads in an non spammy way etc etc.

"If  you want to add up any other pointers that I may have missed you kindly feel free to add below in my comments"


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