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How to do SEO for Insurance Companies

  SEO Algorithms are changing day by day and how can you adapt to this dynamic SEO world which is changing. If you are in  BFSI Sector: Banking, Financial Service & Insurance Sector and you have choosen to grow your career in digital marketing & search marketing technologies, then you have taken the right decision. One highesting trend part of Digital Marketing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Today in my post, i would be explaining how you can do SEO for Insurance Companies.

seo for insurance companies

The fundamentals of SEO is the same across the SEO Industry, but there are certain skills that you need to have when you have to do the SEO for insurance companies.I am list down certian points that you need to know before optimizing an insurance website.

1) Subject Knowledge Expert : You need to be a subject knowledge expert of a insurance field that you would be working on. This is important because you will understand the Trends and then you can plan your overall SEO strategy. What if you are not an subject matter expert, No problem, you need to know the basic of the insurance sector . for eg: if you want to know about car insurance, then you need to know the types of polices like comprehensive insurance or third party insurance, the coverages, the key features and benefits, the add-ons that they offer, claims and renewal process or alteast review their insurance website and their pfds which will give you enough knowledge.

2) Content Expert : Content is still said to be as king in the market.You need to an expert or knowledgeable when it comes to writing content for BFSI sector. You need to be updated with the latest news, trends, information about this sector. You need to write content that attracts users and content that meets the need of the users or answer their query. You can even hire freelancers who are exprt at this field. Content can be in various forms like News article, FAQs, Blogs, Infographics, pdfs, ppts etc. A content expert needs to use the mixture of all these formats and create the best content pieces for the websites. One important thing every content should have a Call to Actions (CTA) attached to it. Always update your website with fresh content on weekly basis.

3) Technical SEO : You need to have all the technical aspect in places like the canonical tag, proper redirection, broken links fixation, paginations, 4xx & 5xx errors fixation, robots.txt file updation, xml sitemap updations, clean site architecture,URL syntaxs, page speed optimization etc.

4) Onpage Optimization : Check all the SEO Optimization checklist that is need for SEO practices are being followed like the Meta title and meta descriptions, header tags, subheaders, anchor texts, alt tags, image filenames, schema tags, open graphs, HTML sitemaps updations,

5) Testimonials : EAT is still a ranking signal. You need to strengthen your trust with testimonials or reviews of your happy clients

6) Awards & Recognition: You need to showcase your awards and recognition on your website. This is another way to showcase your brand a Trustworthy brand, which will strengthen our SEO as it it as part of 

7) Link Building : You need to get links from High DA & High PA sites which are relevant to our domain. You need to do a blogger ourtreach program and connect with professional guest bloggers who can write about our brand and feature our brand on their website

8) News Syndication : Getting your Brand featured in News sites like economic times, mint, forbes, times of india, digital journal and other important press release website, would benefit our website as well as brand. You need to work hand on hand with your press release team to get the best out of this.

9) Local SEO : As every insurance brand has lot of offices located in various locations. We can showcase our website updates to the customers or new potential buyers through Mutiple Google My Business account and we can optimize the Google profile & various other local optimization. Local SEo also helps in generating good traffic for your business.

10) Expert Reviews : After the product review update algorithm by Google, it is advisable to get have a expert review on our website interlinked to the Expert reviewers website.It builds a certian credibility to your website

Following the above tips will help you to rank on higher spots in search which in turn will help you gain good potential traffic, which in turn will help you generated qualified leads and help you generate good business.

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