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Product Review Update

What is Product Review Update ?

Product Review Update is a Google Ranking Algorithm Update that gives importance to high quality product reviews and relevant content that provides helpful insights and indepth &  authentic research, which is  written by subject matter expert.

Product Review Update
Product Review Update

How many product reviews has Google been rolled out over the years.

Google has rolled out Product Review Update several times in the last 2 years.  There are 5 times Google has rolled out product review updates at different period over the last 5 month

  1. April 2021 Product Review Update rolled out on 8th April 2021
  2. December 2021 Product Review Update 2021 rolled out on 1st December 2021
  3. March 2022 Product Review Update rolled out on 23rd March 2022
  4. July 2022 Product Review Update rolled out on 27th July 2022
  5. September 2022 Product Review Update rolled out on 12th September 2022

How Product Review Update works.

  • Google wants to provide users more value within your review content pages
  • Google has see that  people like product reviews that has detailed & indepth research conent
  • It will reward rich content & rich content can be in different formats like text, image, video, infographics etc.
  • It involves english language searches only
  • Very important : A review needs to be written by a person who has actually purchased the product or used that particular product
Google Algorithm Product Review Update

How to Optimize your product review pages for Google

The following are some quick ways as how we can optimize the product reviews for Google
  1. Subject Matter Expert : Collect your reviews from various subject matter expert in that domain
  2. Indepth data : The reivew needs to be indepth and very detailed and thorough analysis made which is backed up with research data
  3. Authentic Content : The review content needs to be original and not a duplicate made based of other online reviewers
  4. Show what the product is like physically or how it is used beyond what is provided by the manufacturer.
  5. Quantative Measurements : Provide quantitative measurements that are going to be helpful for decision-making purposes.
  6. Unique Selling Proposition : You need to highlight the USP of the Product  as what differentiates the product as comapred to other produtcs within that domain
  7. Cover similar products : You can also cover similar products or of that same product line that an online purchasers may want to consider.
  8. Benefits & Drawbacks : You need to add the benefits and drawbacks if any of the particular product that is being reviewed
  9. Upgraded version : You need to explain the about upgraded version of the product as to what changes have been useful to the users in comparison to the last upgrade of the product
  10. Product Performance : You need to list down all the factors for the product’s category and how the product performs in that particular area or domain
  11. Designed ; Describe in detial the  key choices  & preference as how the product has been designed
  12. Direct Effect : You need to know the effect on the end users as to whether it has some positive effects and  not any negative effect

 If you would like to add any more pointers to the existing list, kindly do let me know in comments

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