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Helpful Content Update

  Google has ultimately rolled out Helpful Content Updates on 9th September 2022  across all kits english language searches worldwide and it is said to be one of the biggest google updates after panda update. It is actually aimed to provide original content & helpful content to every users and this google algorithm will make sure that the content are written by real human and not by any robotic tools. 

Googles motto behind this Helpful Content update is Content for People, By People
Helpful Content Update
Helpful Content Update

It is also called a People First Content. Google does not want over optimized content. This is a new signal that Google is using to rank content.This is actually as site wide signal which means if not only targeted or focused, but any other pages o your website is not following  the guidelines, if would impact the overall website and you might face ranking drops for your keywords and you might face organic traffic drops

This original content needs to be only your website and its should not be distributed content which is on a different platform, may be even if you are owning the Content Piece. This has actually given an end to the AI based content. Even though Google algorithm were tracking the AI based content even if it was content scrapped but it not be helpful any more.

Here's a most important Question that everybody in SEO Industry is talking about

How to optimize for Helpful Content Updates ?

 I am going to list down 16 pointers that can help you better understand and write your content for Google's Helpful Content Update

1) User Experience : Every visitors should have a satisfying experience when they land on our web pages or blog pages. You website banner & the introductory paragraph should have the most relevant & search intent based answers at the start only with a call to action using the AIDA method.

2) Valuable Content :  Google is looking for valuable content and they will derank webpages having low or little value content. You content should be well research and it should have a primary focus and primary purpose. The content should actually help the user to get what they intended when they landed on our website. Don;t just summarize content what market leader have said but try to give as many as relevant topic focused and helpful content to the users. Let your content be the first hand expertise.

3) Comprehensive Descriptive Content : Your web page should be 1 topic focused and and should give indepth & detailed information about the topic. You need to give complete information to your users. You website content should meet up the user experience. 

4) Title & Heading Summary : The Webpage Title & Webpage Heading should provide a helpful summary of the entire content and should avoid exaggeration words

5) Shareable Content : Is this page worthy to be shared bookmarked or even recommended to others.

6) Referenced Content : Do you fell whether this content can be reference in magzine & books or even in other people;s website liners

7) EAT Factors : As also mentioned whether this website has EAT factors signals ( Expertise, Authority, Trust)

8) Subject Matter Expert Content : Make the content written by subject matter expert so that it is very valuable to the users.

9) Follow Product Review Guidelines :  As Google has  launched several product review updates over the last 2 years, so that next algorithm will always make sure that you abide with the previous algorithm guidelines

10) Avoid AI Based Content : Google will penalize sites which are using AI technology to create content in bulk as a way of showing new & fresh content to Google. Google has become smarted and their algorithms can track all these AI based content.So avoid all these copied content.Delete all the  content that you must have done through  AI. Use copyscape  and plagarism checker for any new content that will be published.

11) Create Better Content than your competitors - One common method of content writers has been implemented by many writers are that they take content from competitor's website and then they tweak and scrape content and then publish those same pointers on the website. This type of clickbait method like "5 thing that you should do"... which you copy from competitors website and add on your website with similar content would not work much. It would be better to research many competitors and industry leaders website and blogs and come up with more better and comprehensive content.

12) Free from factual errors : Your website should be free from factual errors. There should be nobody to pin point that the content is not as per fact but as per less knowledge of the writer.

13) Grammar Errors : Your website content should not have grammatical mistakes.Use grammarly tools or any other tools that can help you to fix all the grammar issues.

14)Avoid Excessive Ads : Avoid using excessive ads in your content as it will be frustrating to the users

15) Mobile UI Display : Do a cross check whether you ads are properly displayed on the mobile devices.

16) Avoid Writing Lengthy Content : If you can answer the query of the users in a 300 word article, don't try to give unnecessary information by making the article 2000+ words article.

One free advice is to remove all the low quality content and start to publish quality and original content again, so that you can stay satisfying the users as well the google algorithm. I hope these  pointers will give you a base to start to optimize for helfpul content update. If you feel I have  missed any pointers, you can add in the below comments section and we can together help our SEO community.

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