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13 Essentials of a Good Lead form

Creating a well designed landing page is not enough, you need to create a catchy and enticing lead form so that users come and fill up those lead forms. I will tell you 13 essentials of  a good and compelling lead form

lead form

1) Right Side of landing page  – Include your  Lead form on the  right side of the landing page and on the left side display information as to why they should fill up that lead form
2) Above the fold Content – The lead form should be visible within the above the fold content of your landing page
3) Length – Try to make your lead form short in length because users don’t  like to fill up long forms.
4) Required Information – Collect only email addresses from the lead. You can collect name and phone number  to some extent but try to keep it to email ID only
5) Call to Action  – Use an appropriate call to action on that lead form. If the lead form is about education domain, then you can put the call to action like “ Register Now” or “Apply Now”
6) Right Button  – It’s not only about CTA button also use the right button with the right text colour that goes with the button colour
7) Simple & Open – Keep the lead sign up form simple. It should not look fancy
8) Proof Elements – Reduce anxiety with proof elements . You cansay You can should Norton and  Truste Images besides it
9) Privacy Policy – You should include the privacy policy indicating that you information  is protected  and it will not be given any third party
10) Well designed – It should be well designed and good coloured which should be appealing to the eyes of the readers
11) Captcha code – Reduce the use of captcha code as it is annoying to the users
12) Instant benefit – Give instant benefit to the lead on filling the email. You can give them to download what they opted for in exchange for their email or you can send their download link directly I to their inbox skig them to confirm and recive that benefit
13) Test – Test and test, do AB test and see which one works out for it and also make sure that you track every goals that happens via your lead form through google analytics or any other analytics tool.


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