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30 Landing Page Tactics that will turn your visitors into customers

     Landing page is any page where you want to drive visitors through various digital marketing methods  like email, PPC ads , social media ads etc though an action on these platforms. It is an important element both in SEO and PPC. To get the right conversion, there is a greater need for a right landing page. In this post I will explain you all the things that you should look upon and do to make an effective landing page and optimize if properly for internet marketing.A optimized landing page reduces bounce rates and gives higher conversion and as a results higher returns on investment

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1. Relevant Content - You need to add relevant and meaningful content on your landing page to avoid bounce rates and keep visitors engaged with your content.Make sure your content is original and unique and avoid all sorts of duplicate content
2. Headline - Add a relevant headline that matches to the source from where your visitors landed on your website. You need to create a catchy headline which entices the users to click on your website.
3. Font size and color - the font shall be good enough to be readable for every visitor sthat comes on your page and select the colour in such way that the text colour goes with the background colour
4. KISS method - keep  it short and simple so that the visitor should find exactly what he or she wants quickly after landing on your page
5. Proper number of bullets - make use of bullet points to make it look presentable.
6. Call to actions - Add 2 to 3 call to actions on different and prominent parts of your page.the CTA can be “Buy Now, Watch the video, download now , subscribe today etc
7. Target less keyword per page  - You should target 2 - 4 keywords on a particular page and use its variations, synonyms etc. Try to target less products on a page.You can create specific product pages for different products
8. Mobile friendly - Make sure that you landing page is mobile friendly as google gives lot of credibility to mobile friendly and mobile optimized sites
9.Page load speed  - Make sure that you webpage loads within 4 seconds otherwise you may lose lot of valuable audience and even customers
10. Contact Details - You need to add all your relevant contact details on your webpage, so that users can easily contact you via email or call
11. Lead Form - You need to add a lead form on your landing to collect all the leads who need to know more information or are interested in your products or services. Make sure that the lead form has less details to acquire from the users like just the email ID & contact No are 2 sufficient details enough to extract from any users
12. Relevant keywords - Make sure that you are adding relevant keywords. Make use of LSIgraph to find keywords focused on the topic, but make sure that you are not over optimizing your keywords
13. Appropriate CTA - You need to have the right call to action on your website. You can have multiple CTA on various parts of your landing page. CTA for lead form, CTA to Call Us, CTA to share on social, CTA for downloading something valuable.
14. Great Visuals - You need to have amazing images and good HD multimedia videos so that users are engaged to your content.
15. Overall Design - The overall design and layout of your website should be appealing to the users.You can hire a User Interface Experts and Web designers to create an amazing design for your website.
16. Trust factors : It will be good that if you mention that site is secured by norton secure or Trsute Privacy secured or any other security showing your users that your personal information is protected and will not be shared to any third party
17. HTTPS version : Make sure that you site is using secured connection and has SLR certificate, because https is recommended by google for ranking factors in SEO.
18. Page Title - Do your keyword research properly and come up with relevant keyowrds, appropriate modifiers, geo keywords and your brand name in the meta title tags
19. Page Description - You need add a short description about your brand or your products, the relevant offers, free shipping and call to action details like Phone number of Book Now
20 : Location details - You need to mention the right location details on your website, so that if any users wants to visit you or your store or office  physically can do so. You can also embed the google map on your landing page
21. Social profile : You can add your important social profiles, so that users can feel the trust and authority of your website.
22. Optimize Thank You page : Once you landing page has done with its goal, you can give them some other relevant offers or ask them to share your page on their social networks
23. Funnel Optimization  -You need to get you visitors on your landing page and make sure the perform the right action. Don't give them multiple options, so that they will not get confused and always keep your goals clear.
24. Offers - You need to highlight your offers or new products clearly on your landing page. The offer can be discount, cashbacks, referral program etc so that users can take action on your landing page
25. Social Sharing Buttons - Add social sharing buttons on your website, so that users can easily share your page on their social networks
26. Brand name & Logo - Your brand name and logo should be displayed clearly on the headers of your landing page, so that users have a sense of trust on your brand.
27. Pop ups - Avoid entry popups as they can lead to higher bounce rate, you can add an exit pop up if you want to
28. Testimonials - You can add some great testimonials which can give users a convincing reason to go for your products or services. You can add it in carousel formats.
29.Benefits & features - You need to convey all the benefits and features of your products and offers clearly on your landing page
30. Test - The last thing I would say always test your landing page. You can create 2 different version of your landing page  and test with different headlines, different colours, different offers , different CTA etc. You can use google analytics or any other analytics tools for this purpose

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