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33 Tips to write quality content that your audience and search engines love

33 Tips to write quality content that your audience and search engines love

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  1. Mention the USP of your brand by differentiating yourself from others
  2. Mention your brand name in the content with some hyperlinks
  3. You need to understand your target audience and speak in their language
  4. You content needs to be informational as it needs to answer the queries of the users
  5. Research on the topic that you are going to write.  Make use of tools like google scholar, Wikipedia, google books etc
  6. Brainstorm ideas with the help of your friends and col
  7. Content needs to be unique in its own way, you need to add your unique viewpoint and write it in your own voice and style
  8. You content needs to be valuable and it needs to provide value to the end users
  9. Create content on those topics that are popular or trending in your niche. You can make use of tools like google trends.
  10. Share useful links in your content, which can help users to get more information on that particular topic
  11. Make use of personalized content strategy. Add your personal experience and make it more fun and interesting to your readers
  12. Create content which is entertaining and worth sharing. It can be in the form of quizzes, lists etc
  13. Make sure that your content has the right font and right colours used for the readability purpose of your audience.
  14. Add compelling call to actions at the end of your content to user to take a particular action
  15. Create a catchy title. Make use of various title generators online
  16. Include your targeted keywords in the title, description, headers
  17. Write your content in the form of tables, pointers, subheadings, bullet points , list forms etc content will have chances to come up in the featured snippets.
  18. Write a descriptive content of 2000+ words as content with 2000 words ranks well in search engine
  19. Use high quality image optimized with relevant alt text
  20. Make use of long tailed keywords in your content
  21. Make use of LSI keywords for more optimized post. Use the tool : LSIgraph.com and wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
  22. Do a competitor’s content audit. Use tools like screaming frog, rival IQ and buzzsumo and check the content of your competitors and check what’s working for them
  23. Use tools like buzz sumo to check out the topics and keywords, you competitor chooses
  24. Create different content on different parts of the sales funnel
  25. Keep creating content on a regular basis
  26. Make use of rich snippets and schema properly.
  27. Don’t put irrelevant keywords in your content
  28. Don’t create pages with little, thin or no original content.
  29. Make use that your content is seen in the above the fold content
  30. Don’t have duplicate content on your website . ie. Don’t copy content from other people’s websites or blogs
  31. Make use of canonical tags to avoid duplicate issues on your webpages
  32. Avoid keyword cannibalization in your content
  33. Finally dont try to sell your product or services in your content, but sell your benefits.


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