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Link Round Up SEO Link Building Strategy

What is link Round Up

link roundups are similar to content roundups where website blogger  who initiates the Main Blog gets in touch with various bloggers with the motive to add a new blog post with curated list of links from various bloggers  who are experts in the particular domain around a niche topic

In short i cna also tell that they are a list of summaries of top links of various experts compiled together in a Blog Post. These links are represent the best of the content in your niche

It an amazing link building strategy, but few very SEO Experts play around with this strategy,. This can be time consuming as comapred to the submission based link, but it is worthy of providing good traffic to your website as well as get some good backlinks to your website

How Link Round Up process Works

I have listed down simple process how ti 

1)Finding a topic that’s polular or currently trending in your industry

 2)Finding a list of bloggers in that niche who can allow us to use their tip or a piece of content published on the blog with their link

 3)Create a blog around that content topic & try to create a content of 500+ words as longer content works better 

4)Add all the bloggers link + small peice of content in pointer form on the blog post on our website 

5)After publishing send that blog post to all the bloggers whose link is mentioned in the list & ask them to share ( this can give us some traffic and build connection with the bloggers

 To get in touch with big bloggers may be difficult, but we can get in touch with micro bloggers or bloggers in our linkedin connection can be good to go with if we are also in that niche


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