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How do I create a backlink for a video?

To create a backlink for a video is some what similar to create a backlink for a website or a blog post. Just add your video links in the website copy or the blog post or any other articles  or digital formats that you post online

video backlink

Lets dive into some Video Backlinking Strategies 2021 & beyond.

1) Video Commenting

We need to comment on the Videos from  Official Youtube Account with the Signature  of your Brand Names a website URL link in the Video

2) Video Sharing Sites

We need to  share the particular video  or video on various Video Sharing sites.

Video Descriptions

3) We can also upload the Video on Video Sites Like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo & Add our website backlink in the Video descriptions of all these portal. This can drive some traffic to our website and also help to get backlink to our website

4) Video transcribe

We need to transcribe the video content into an article and post the articles on our website with internal backlinks & also 

5) Embedding Vidoes

We need to embed the videos on our Blog Posts  & Website

6) Custom Links in Youtube Channel

You can add custom links in Youtube channels & also on various video aggregators sites

7) Adding Video Links in Content

We can write a normal blog post & add the video links in the content copy of that post

8) Video Geo tagging

Youtube provides us to geo-tag our videos with the exact location of physical place. As Youtube is the ringleader, we would also like to upload the videos on vimeo, dailymotion and other video websites for ranking Link building

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