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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

How to improve Organic Click Through Rate of our Website

Do you know? 
The 1st  position keyword ranking gets is 28.5% Click-through rate on an average  & 2nd position get 15.7% and 3rd position gets 11%  approximately & the then from the 4th to 10th positions get 2.5% & beyond the 1st page, it will be 1% or is less than that.

So if you want to get higher click-through rates (CTR) for your position in Google search, then you really need to optimize your website as well as your website content.

But there is still a challenge.
As Google is refining their search for the betterment of the users, they have used featured snippets which approximately gets 5.3% of clicks  on it & the Knowledge panel which gets
Google ads reduce the CTR by 10% & google shopping ads reduces it further to organic listings.

Following are some of the ways as how can get organic CTR on your website
  1. Write Catch Meta Description
  2. Long Tailed Keywords
  3. Localize your Content
  4. Knowledge Panel  & Knowledge graph Optimization
  5. Keyword Rich URL
  6. Catchy Titles
  7. Page Speed Optimization
  8. Mobile Friendly 

1) Write Catch Meta Description : Google no longer user meta  description to rank websites, but we should use catchy description because it increases the CTR (click through rate) on our website. Try to add  benefits & offers in your meta descriptions

Improve Organic CTR

2)  Long Tailed Keywords : Make use of Long Tailed keywords in your Titles, Description ,Website Copy and all other elements in SEO

3) Localize your Content : Add Local based content and local keywords to your content as businesses want to get spotted in the Local Pack

4) Knowledge Panel  & Knowledge graph Optimization - Implement structured data and schema markup and all other types of schema content on your website. Using such rich snippets that contains additional information like images, rating & reviews, sitelink search,  breadcrumb navigation it can increase your CTR by 25%

5) Use Keyword Rich URL : Always make sure to use keyword rich oriented and descriptive URLs on your website and make sure that your URL has the https secured version and keep your  profitable webpages near to your root domain

6) Catchy Titles :  You should focus on paying attention to catchy titles & add offers & disccounti  it & also writ descriptive information about  that product

7) Page Speed Optimization : Make sure that you page loads within 2 seconds as Google has taken page load time also a ranking factors in their algorithm as user & search engines prefers website which loads quickly

8) Mobile friendly : Google has adopted mobile first approach version as it as considered it as a ranking factor and even it helps in UX if your website if mobile friendly.


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