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Why we need 301 Redirection of the old website to the new website

301 redirection is permanent redirection.We need to do 301 redirect of our old website to the new website because sometimes we have 2 domains with us & if both the domains are being cached by Google, then we need to keep only 1 identity and we can redirect the old website version to the new website for a better user experience and also for SEO advantage.

301 redirection

2 domain on the same brand name often represents risk for :

  1. Citation inconsistencies :Identical NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)spanning two sites will cause you issues with getting listings and rankings properly. Google can remove from their index due to there being too much similarity with existing locations. This problem can occur for Local SEO
  2.  Ranking problems : Adversely affect our new sit in ranking and then cause lot of time to regain the rankings.
  3.  Duplicate content penalty : 2 domains saying the same thing, that could have a negative effect and can cause duplicate penalty.Google usually will discount the 2nd or new website.
  4. Bot confusion : Confusion to find out the relevant website mostly during a brand search.
  5. Duplicate listings,including hidden duplicates
  6. Customer confusion : Having 2 domain exist in Google can also confuse the users and cause lack of trust
  7.  If our competitor see both these domain ranking, they could submit it as spammy & it would affect our website badly

Google’s John Mullerrecommendsus to have one site


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