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A "Call-to-Action" Definition and Why Website Owners Must Use Them

What is Call to action
A call to action is an important element of a webpage whicg gives the internet users or your audience what steps they need to perform to get their desired result. But when it comes from the marketing point of view it is the step that users need to take to reach at the bottom of the sales funnel.

When you have built your own website to help your business grow strong, so it’s important to connect every dot that qualifies it as a success. One of the ways to do that is to guide your visitors from point A to point B when perusing your website. This can easily be done with a Call-to-Action.

Often referred to as a CTA, a Call-To-Action is easy to implement. In fact, it’s likely you’ve seen them many times on other sites without even realizing it. It’s simply the point where you have a button, image, or text link that directs the user to the next step in their website experience which, in SEO terms, is referred to as the conversion funnel.

call to action

Types of Call to action

Sign Up email for subscribers
Read more button to entice the user to read the entire blog or content
A Lead Generation Form to get the details of your prospects
A Chat box to converse with your audience online
Downloading a pdf related to users need
Getting your free report
Get a free consultation from our experts
Register for our Course
Login to create a new account on our portal
Social shares with your friends on social networking sites
Print your pdf 
Start your free trail
Get your free demo
Upgrade to our packages/course
Call on the Contact Number mentioned
Email us directly your requirement
RSVP for the Event
Watch the Video
Buy Now
Make a Donation
Refer your Friend
Book our website or Blog post
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Start from where you have stopped
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   Without a Call-To-Action on every page of your website, the user is often left without proper direction on where to go next. If they are not given a specific direction, you risk losing them to another website, possibly even your competitor. I

What Makes a Call-to-Action Essentially, a Call-to-Action is a means to get your user to take a next step. Ideally, that step is to either make a purchase, contact you, book an appointment, or get into your newsletter list so you can continue to nurture the “know, like and trust” factor with them.

Typical and effective calls to action should include direct language such as: - Buy - Register - Subscribe - Donate - Book - Contact CTAs are great for cross selling too. When you have something related to the product/service your user is looking at, it’s a good idea to have a Call-to-Action that offers further considerations. We see this often in eCommerce applications positioned as product upsells or recommendations.

 The key elements to a strong Call-to-Action are:
1. It stands out and is easy to see
2. It concisely conveys the value of the content it leads to
3. It helps to reach towards their desired goal
 3. It contains copy that makes the user want to take action and click Have a look at your website.
Are you making the most of user visits and providing them with proper direction on your website? Many people get so used to their own site they don’t realize how much they’re taking for granted. Just because you know something else on your website is relevant, it no ways means they’ll know or make the connection to go check it out.

The SEO Benefits of CTAs - It is a  part of that is a complete user experience. Every algorithm update Google makes has a strong element of analyzing user behaviour on your website. If users aren’t making it through your website easily, your rank will suffer because it shows that if Google sends a user to your website they can get lost and have a negative experience. If you’re not seeing a lot of conversions from your website despite having decent traffic, then please get in touch.

Adding strong CTAs is important where a full and thorough report on your website should be done to address any points that has the potential to confuse and/or lose the user. This month we’re targeting website must-haves, so you can make sure your website accurately represents your business and converts visitors into clients.

If you’re in the process of a website redesign or planning a new site for your business you’ll want to read our blog every week for more tips on making the most of your website for your business! To your ongoing success


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