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How to optimize the Readability score of your website

Readability Score Optimization for your website. 

What is readability score

In simple words is all about how easily your content can be readable to your audience
It helps to communicate to your targeted audience in a better way
It needs to be accessible and easy to understand for all the audience

Readability Score Grade can be intrepreted as

readability score optimziation

How to optimize the Readability score of your website

  1. Voice Tone : You always needs to write in speakers voice tone
  2. Language : Speak the language of your targeted users. I am not speaking of traditional mother tongue langues but I am convey what your targeted readers understands and are interested in.
  3. Short & Simple words : Make use of short and simple words so that your content is easy to read and understand by all types of audience
  4. Short Sentences: Make use of short sentences while creating your content. It should not be so short that the website visitors have to stop quickly every sentence. At least the sentence should have 10 to 12 words.
  5. Ideas : You need to have one idea per sentence and also one idea per paragraph an devery 
  6. Well scannable: Make use of appropriate header or headline in your content which is relevant to the topic of your page
  7. Conversational Tone : Write your content as if you are conversing with your audience. This depends on the skills of the content writers and copywriters
  8. Paragraph Length : You paragraphs should be of 5 to 10 lines content space. Divide your content into shorter paragraphs
  9. Typography : line length - The Line length should be 40 to 70 characters depending on the font you have choosen. You can better keep one column for text and one column for image so that the line length is minimized. Use a tool called as for this purpose
  10.  Line height : It is a factor base don what looks amazing with the font and font size that you are using
  11.  Proper Hierarchy : You ideas should have clear heading  and  all your paragraphs should have different subheading giving the headline the more weight age.The main idea should go from the start and less important info at the below and should go with amazing concluding content.
  12. Proper Formatting  : make use of pointers bullet points so that there is proper formatting your web text
  13. Syntax :There should be one synax pe rsentence and only 1 idea should be expressed per one sentence
  14. Grammar & Vocubulary: Make use of tools like Grammarly to check the grammar in your content
  15. Punctuations : Make use of punctuations and mechanics in your content properly wherever needed.
  16. Bold,Italic & Underlining - you need to bold, italize and underline various important and relevant keywords in your blog posts so that search engines can understand what your blog is all about
  17. Colours : The better the colour contrast is between the background and the text, the better is the readability score of that website. Make sure that the contrast between your background and your text is strong enough that text is easy to read. For a normal interface black text on white background is the best
  18. Font Size : One good rule of thumb is to keep your font size to 16pt You can increased depending on various other readability elements
  19. Font  Style : Some of the font style that better works for your body text are verdena, arial, san serif, open sans, roboto, ubuntu, lato and noto sans.
  20. Pictures and Graphs : Every picture and graphs that you add to your webpage should always compliment the text that your have written
  21. Alignment : There should be proper alignment of your text. You can better make use of Justifier to adjust your text

Tools for readability score optimization

Some of the helpful tools for checking the Readability score of your website content are

  1. WebFX Readability Test Tool
  4. Yoast SEO plugin
  5. SEM Rush SEO Writing Assistant
  6. Squirrly SEO Plugin
  7. Online Utility Org tool


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