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14 Killers Tips for SEO Copywriting in 2019 & Beyond

SEO Copywriting is a unique way of writing online content. It is different than content writing that professional content writer does. A SEO copywriter writes content in such a way by keep in mind the important keywords related to the topic of the content to be tweaked in the content. They keep into mind that every page has unique content and no duplicacy as it might hurt in SEO. 
    They must have a good knowledge of keyword frequency, keyword density, keyword proximity and keyword prominence and at the same time avoid the black hat technique of keyword stuffing. In general SEO copywriter helps in getting right traffic to your website and  helps in boosting your ranking in search engines.The aim of the copywriter is to make them read and consume your content and then to act upon the same

seo copywriting skills

I am going to list down quick tips and strategies for SEO copywriting that can help your create amazing content from SEO point of view.

  1. Keyword Research : Every SEO copywriter should start with keyword research using various tools like Google keyword planner, Google trends and keyword everywhere tool so that he comes up with the most profitable and commercial intent keywords to be tweaked in the content. You need to first decided keywords and then go for creating the content.
  2. Question Forum : refer To question forums like quora, answer the public, reddit. You will definitely get to know the question that your target audience is search online and  then you can create content for your webpages based on those data.
  3.  Topic Focused : Google today is concerned on LSI keywords which are topic focused rather than keyword focused. You can to create content with various keyword variations, synonyms, word stemming, related words so that the content looks genuine and not keyword stuffed at all and no repetitiveness of the same keyword again and again.  Your Purpose and your message should be clearly highlighted in the content.
  4. Targetings _ The content should be created based on consideration of your audience and country that you are targeting and the right message that you want  to convey and to present it in the right way to them
  5. Avoid Key Cannibalization Issue : Keyword cannibalization is focusing same keywords for different pages, rather you should have 3 – 5 different keywords for different pages focused on your website. Eg PPC Course on a education website should have 3 -5 PPC keywords focused on PPC category page and it should not contain “SEO” keyword which is actually focused on SEO category pages
  6. Flesch reading Score : It will be good if the flesch reading score is between 70.0 to 60.0 so that its easy for reading for all.
  7. Grammar : Its plays an important role not only in the life of copywriters but also content writers , script writers etc. Anyone who is in the writing field needs to upgrade himself with thorough grammar.
  8. Proper Structure : make sure that your content is properly structured with right paragraphs and subdivided in shorter paragraphs with different heading.
  9. Writing Style : The writing style needs to be quite impressive. You needs to use the right font and right fonts size with Bolding, Italicizing & underlining your keywords at different points in your content for Google to know your focused keyword.
  10. Catchy Heading : A good SEO Copywriter always comes up with keyword oriented catchy heading should that it attracts your audience to read further and at the same time it helps google to understand what is the main topic of your page. You can make use of numbers when it comes to blog content.
  11. Keyword Placements : A copywriter should know where he has place all his important keywords in the page content like in first 100 words should, his important keywords  should be mentioned at least once, one time in headline, different variations in  subheading and also at the end of the last paragraph. He should also have a good knowledge on which keywords to be given anchor text within the paragraphs.
  12. CTA :  You Content needs to be Call to action driven so that users take particular action when they visit your webpage. The action that users take should benefit them in every way
  13. Featured Snippet Optimization : SEO Copywriter should know how to optimize for featured snippet. He needs to create content in list form and tabular 
  14. Power words : Try to make use of various power words like quick, easy & free so that users can take quick action for the same.


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