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 SEO Expert in Mumbai | Digital Marketing Updates | Sebastian Braganza

Digital Marketing Latest Updates by professional Sebastian Braganza who writes blogs on digital marketing, seo , ppc, social media etc related niche areas for novice as well as professionals.

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        The SEO Project has to go undergo the process of these 5 Stages from the beginning to the completion of the SEO project in order to have successful SEO campaign.You need to have a good SEO team who are professionals and have a great knowledge and expertise in SEO task and those who are dedicated and committed
The following are the five important stages of SEO phase

seo project

  1. Pre site optimization – They include
  1. Keyword research and selection – They are the most important part of any SEO project. We need to find the relevant keywords, which has less completion and higher number of Searches and even the KEI is high. You need to take into consideration your customers and also geotargeting when selecting your keyword
  2. Competitors Analysis – You need to know who are your competitors are for your primary keywords. You need to know what keyword they are using to get ranked higher in search engines and what keywords are making the users to land on their website. You all need to know where all, your competitor have placed keywords in his website. There are various online tools to check out competitor’s keyword placement. 
  3. Marketing strategy – All those who handle SEO work prorfessionally are good marketers and every marketer has to be a good strategist giving out the best ideas that works out
  4. Market research often captures data on demographics, customer values, market trends, competitive landscape, and effective mediums which is very important in making SEO decision
  5. Business Strategy – You need to develope a good business strategy for your SEO project by taking into consideration all the goals, objectives and tasks to be achieved. You also need to check for the latest SEO trends in your industy
2) On Site optimization – These include Meta tags and meta tags in SEO are very important tags. There are many meta tags but out of them, there are 4 important meta tags from SEO point of view. The meta title is of utmost importance and then follows the meta description and meta keyword tags and the 4th important one is the meta robot tags. Various other ways includes Internal linking , proper site structure, proper URL structure, make your site mobile and SEO friendly, proper website design and architecture etc.

3) Off site optimization – It all about link building and link popularity. You need to have not only large quantity of sites linking to you but also need to have high PR quality sites linking back to you.There are various ways to get  a backlinks such as directories, social bookmarkings, article creation and submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, blog postings, URL submissions  etc. Off page also has to do with growing your site authority

4) Post Site optimization – Responding to feedback  given by the customers on your feedback page and  checking with website or webpage loading speed and time. You also need to measure your goals and results whether they have been met  or not .You need to look at the analytics section and check the behaviour analytics and design a better UX experience for your users.

5) Ongoing site & Content optimization  – This is a continuous process as SEO professionals needs to make frequent changes in website and needs to keep the website updated with fresh content. They need to add fresh content as it will make the crawlers to crawl your site more frequently.You also need to monitor your site performance on regular basis.

If you really need to have success in your SEO career, you need to follow these above steps and if you need any guidance as how to go on  with ths steps you are free to visit our main website – my youtube channel named as Digital Saby

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