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20 Website Security Tips to protect your site from Hackers

I am going to show your some quick tips for securing your own website. These re basically simple guidelines to protect your company from hackers

website security tips

  1. Https Connection : HTTPs is a secured connection and it depicts your website identity, encryption and integrity. Google also has added https as their ranking factor.
  2. Norton security : You website needs to show some trust signals like when people fill in their information of payment options
  3. Plugins Updation : You need to keep on updating your website plugins for security reasons. Make sure you are now updated with all your latest plugin versions
  4. Get Updated with the News : You need to stay updated  with all the hacking threats online.  A best website that I recommend to you all is The Hacker News – website.  If you are in software, IT or internet business,  keep a good eye on this website
  5. Antivirus : Install a paid version of antivirus like casperski or McCafe on your website and scan your website on regular basis and also scan every device that you will be attaching to your system to avoid any malware or any other virus issues.
  6. Security Applications : Apart from WAF , you can install some other free and paid security applications. I recommend a  free plugin called as Acunetix WP Security which can provide additional protection by hiding the identity of your website’s CMS.
  7. Cyber crime  info  : Get updated with latest cyber crime info. There are various cyber crime sites like
  8. CMS Updation : Update your CMS ( Content Management System)  on regular basis and make it a habit to work on all your updated CMS platform as it will also help in upgrading  your skills while working on those versions
  9. WAF : Install your system with web application firewall ( WAF) for your website security purpose WAF is a setting between your web servers & the data connection & its read almost every small data that passes through it.
  10. Login credentials change : Change logins every month or after 15 days period. You might be knowing the every banking system requests you the change your passwords for your internet marketing purpose on  monthly basis
  11. Robots.txt : Use robots.txt to hide admin pages and various other important pages  to avoid search engine to index those pages.
  12. Access Control Protection : Toughen up your website admin access control and also make sure your usernames and passwords are not easy and no one can try it
  13. Email passwords : Keep changing your email passwords because they are chances where your email also can be hacked and many a times these emails are the access point to most of your website and important places.
  14. Data backup : Regular backup your data, so that if there are any losses due to any reason, you have  your backup with you on hand
  15. Limit File Uplpads : Limit all your file uploads to save from bugs. Use script when accessing such files to guarantee safety.Prevent direct access to any of the uploaded files and store them outside the root directory.  You own web hosting company can help you set up this.
  16. Bad Links Removal : Remove all the bad backlinks that are linking to your website  through disavow tool available in google webmaster  tools
  17. Avoid Pirate version : Avoid pirated version of operating system and even  avoid pirated softwares on your system
  18. Renaming your login URL - You need to rename the login urls of your website server access so that hackers cannot find your page at all
  19. SQL injections  & cross site scripting (xss) - Take help from a professioanl web developer and try to solve issues related to sql injections and cross site scripting if  any.
  20. File monitoring : To maintain security always monitor that changes to your website files through the use of some plugins like wordfence or itheme security

If I have missed out any pointers, feel free to add it in my comments


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