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22 ways to improve your Click Through Rate - CTR for your website

High rankings don't guarantee visits to your site.so how to make user to click on your website and not bounce back as higher the CTR, higher is the chances for you to rank above. CTR is a factor to measure the domain authority of a website as google takes into consideration the usability factors.

Click through Rate Optimization

  1. Craft compelling grabbing headlines and appealing titles. Make use of all 65 characters
  2. Make use of long tailed keywords
  3. Start with numbers -  5 tips to…, 7 way for, 12 moves, 9 steps to… etc etc
  4. Frame your post which answers the query of user like - what, where,when why, how
  5. Optimize your website meta description - make use of Call to action, add offers, mention price, mention contact number, provide a solution. Make use of all 300 characters
  6. Utilize rich snippets like the rating and reviews schema
  7. Also make use of price schema or highlight the product using data highlighter in google webmaster tools
  8. Implements the breadcrumbs schema atleast on your home page for navigation purpose. You can make use of location breadcrumbs, path breadcrumbs and attribute or keywords breadcrumbs especially used in ecommerce websites
  9. Insert the sitelink search schema on your website which will user to search for particular page on your website from search engine itself
  10. Keep the URLs short and keyword friendly and keep clean URLs. Remove the number, products and any other parameters and use relevant keywords only
  11. Explore the feature or rich cards, where by the image of your recipe can appear in the search result itself, therefore optimize your image for alt text and the right filename with the relevant keywords
  12. Make sure you have using https as user trust secured version of the website
  13. Localize your content using google maps and you will get a few more click from local visitors
  14. Create listicles articles as people love lists
  15. Make your site mobile responsiveness, friendly and well optimized for all mobile devices
  16. Reduce all the bounce rates on your website by giving the users relevant content they are seeking for
  17. Test your snippets on social media using the open graph tags and twitter cards for rich enhancements.
  18. Optimize the speed of the website, so that users does not bounce of due to more loading time of a webpage
  19. Optimize your blog for featured snippets. You can find many blog speaking on how to optimize for featured but google has not revealed the right info required for its optimization yet
  20. Optimize your blog to appear in top stories by using the AMP method technique for mobile devices
  21. Make use of google adwords preview tool for other locations
  22. Lastly make use your google webmaster tools and google analytics tools to find the CTR winners and losers. You can find various keywords that have got a good number of clicks with higher CTR and some keywords with less number of click and low CTR. Check which page gave the low CTR and optimize the meta title and description for that page.


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