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20 Google Plus Marketing Tips for Business

Google Plus Marketing Tips for Business

google plus marketing

  1. Update your Google Plus profile with all relevant info about your brand.
  2. Add your website link and all other social media links on your Google Plus profile Link section
  3. Post creative and engaging content on your google plus posts
  4. Create a community and join various other communities and post valuable content on various Community Pages
  5. Cross post all your trendy content which you have shared on facebook, twitter etc.
  6. Add relevant hashtags to your post
  7. Add relevant keywords in your post as it helps in SEO
  8. Post Consistent content on your Google plus account
  9. Mention people not in your circles using + sign & the ID of that person
  10. You can share by blog post link on google plus account every time you post
  11. To write something in bold, all you need to do is add an asterisks mark before and after the word. Eg *bold* (Blod), _italics_ (italics) , -correction- (strikethrough)
  12. Make us of google photo editor using the picnik tool for google plus image
  13. Enable Google plus one button
  14. Insert your google plus share buttons on your website as social sharing  is also counted as a ranking signal by google
  15. Google+ Ripples shows you how many public shares any particular post has gotten, how it's been reshared over time, and other statistics about your posts.
  16. Create a poll and engage your audience
  17. Create an RSS feed from Google plus profile stream
  18. Create a Google Plus widget and insert it on your website. Every post that you post will help the website to crawl
  19. Make use of Google Hangouts for engagement purpose
  20. Explore the tool of Hangouts on Air to create online events with the help of Google plus.

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