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How to increase App downloads in Play Store and App Stores

Tips and tricks to increase your app downloads

  1. Improve your app store optimization strategy
  2. Increase your brand awareness and put your app on all online platforms
  3. Include your app download link or Image on your website footer
  4. Create a unique landing page for your app
  5. Create a blog or blog post giving users on the latest news about your app like the new app features and new app design, some guides and tips, offers etc
  6. Ask your users to give you good reviews and higher rating. It will be go if they give you 5 star ratings as the reviews and rating are a ranking factor for both app store and play store.
  7. Send the app link id to your friends, colleagues on whatsapp and various other whatsapp groups
  8. Viralise your app with a press release that plays a big part in the generation of lead
  9. Create a video on youtube and show users how they can use your app and provide a link in the description and your annotations to download the app
  10. Use a QR code in any material (posters, flyers, etc.), on the website, etc for people to download your app.
  11. Create a post with a catchy graphic on all social media channels like facebook, instagram, twitter etc with a link to download the app
  12. Create a  post on social media channels like facebook with a creative graphic giving a message to the audience and fans to download the app. 

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