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How to use Pinterest for Business and Marketing in 2018

Tips and tricks for using pinterest for business purpose

  1. Pin all images videos, infographics presents on your website as it links back to the source
  2. Create boards relevant to the topics and update its description and pin your relevant pins to the boards
  3. Create fantastic pin so that people follow you as when the pinners follow your pins , then the pins will appear in their feeds too
  4. Make sure that you fill your profile completely and choose the username related to your brand
  5. Add your website link in the website section present in your pinterest account
  6. Confirm your website address by inserting the pinterest verification code on your website.
  7. Pin consistently but at different parts of your day. Avoid bulk image pining methods
  8. Make sure that your image is shorter than 1560 pixels, otherwise it will get cut off. Keep the dimension to 600 x 900 pixels
  9. You can install the pinterest browser button or pinterest extension button which helps you to pin anything on the website within few clicks
  10. You can create various buttons like save and follow button, pin, board, profile  buttons by using this helpful tool -
  11. Always add text and logo to your images so that the images look professional and brand oriented. Thare are various app online that can help you  out - eg.
  12. Follow other business pins, boards or accounts from relevant but non-competitive brands in your industry and engage with them
  13. Make sure that you add keywords to your filenames when you upload images on your website  and also alt text so that when you pin those image, it helps in your SEO strategy
  14. Make use keywords in your description of your pin and create a compelling description
  15. Explore rich pins which are available for 4 categories like articles, products, recipe and app -  eg. Rich Pins for articles include a headline, the name of the author, the date the article was published, and a story description.
  16. Make use of Pinterest ads like the promoted pins, promoted video pins, one tap pins, promoted app pins, cinematic pins depending  on your campaign goals
  17. All the pins that are promoted via ads, once when people save your promoted pins they become organic pins. Therefore encourage your friends and colleagues to promote your pins.
  18. Make use of pinterest analytics for business to know and study the performance of your pins and boards .i.e. impressions, viewers, engagements etc
  19. You can promote your baords by repin images and promtoion those images that you hae saved to a particular board
  20. Invite friends and people to contribute to your pin board
  21. Always comment back on your commentators
  22. You can tag user using @Names and use hashtags # for your brand keywords


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