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How to increase organic site traffic

I am  listing down some few tips how you can increase traffic to your website organically. I am not speaking about the various ways to increase the traffic to your site but i am listing down ways how you can increase your organic traffic.
   When you see your google analytics traffic sources section, you see traffic from Paid sources, display sources, organic source, referral source, direct source , social source. You can do various things to get referral traffic to your website  and even if someone links out to you still its a referral traffic. organic traffic is that traffic that you get by users searching for keywords and they clicking on your website link in search engine and visiting your website. It might be tough to get this kind of traffic in your initial days, but i have listed down some important tips to get organic traffic to your website in an easy way

organic traffic

  1. Create a blog on your website. (eg and not Blog about your user’s questions and problems. Create a content strategy for the same and plan out your blog accoroding.
  2. Boost your page authority with internal linking strategy. The internal links to your own page also passes some link juice to a particular webage.Therefore create a powerful internal link system.
  3. Share your content on your own social platform like facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin etc
  4. Check google analytics & webmaster tools to see which keywords users have been search when they landed on your website.
  5. Use the Guest Blog method and build authority and connection. It will surely help you in the long run.
  6. Research & target long tailed keywords but don’t forget user intent
  7. Make Use conversational searches as mobile and voice search is mostly the trend of the market
  8. Create more profiles on the brand with various relevant keywords
  9. Make use of low hanging fruit keywords
  10. Create a solid link building strategy to rank your targeted keywords using the targeted keywords in the anchors
  11. Analyzing your competitors links and create links for the same.
  12. Avoid keyword cannibalization and remove the duplicates
  13. Implement schema microdata on your website
  14. Make sure your site is responsive and loads faster.
  15. Help returning visitors grow - Give them to subscribe via email so that they come on your website, when you do updates on your blog
  16. Republish your old content  by updating some part of the content
  17. Write headlines that are catchy and more searchable
  18. Write engaging and sharable content on consistent basis
  19. Link out to other blogs and in turn they will link out to you
  20. One rule of thumb - avoid all unethical ways for ranking


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