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Types of User Behaviour to Track on your website

    What is user behaviour and why is user behaviour important to be tracked on your website. User Behaviour are simply the actions that users take when they are on  your website. Things like where do they click, where do they exit, where do they drop off, how much time do they spend on your website, how much content do they scroll. I can summarise it in few words as how a user interacts with you website when he lands on your website. 

   User Behaviour is important to be tracked because as it will give you a clear picture as how your website performs well from the user points and you will get a idea what needs to be worked on to give the user the best solution for what they were searching for when they came on your website. It will give your users the a good experience on the journey

  There are different types of user behaviour that we can track on our website.

1. Inpage Clicks & Mouse Movements

2. Video Taps 

3. Scroll Depths

4.Time Spent on Webpage

5. Conversion Optimization

6. Navigation Patterns

7. Live Visitors


9. Engagements & Shares

I would be explaining the 1st five above user mentioned user behaviour tracking in this post

1.Inpage Clicks -  You can track where all the users have  clicked on your page. You can come to know the button clicks and well as clicks on the menu navigations or any forms. If I am on third party car insurance website & i have a buy now & renew now button, i can come to know the percentage of clicks on buy now button & renew now button

2. Taps : You can track the video play taps on your website. Eg : if you have created a wonderful video on car insurance and have embeded the same on your website and when any user comes on your website & taps on the video play button and views the video, you can track overall as how many users have clicked on the video play button, how much percentage users have used view the video and how many users have viewed the video completely. If you have created events in Google analytics this could help you to reduce the bounce rate as an event is triggered.

3.Scrolls Depth. You can come to know how much depth does the users of your website scroll. For Eg. If a person lands on your comprehensive insurance website, how much deep does the person scroll. You cna map our 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and if your have create events and  when a users scrolls even 25% your event is complete and no longer it is a bounce

4. Time Spent on Website - You can come to know the average time spent on a website in the behaviour section of your analytics and then you can check the word count of your webpage and estimate time to read those content and then track the users that spend that particular limit time you set on your website and then you can come to know as how good your content performs

5.Conversion Optimizations - You can track the funnels, check out process, variable testing, form testing, add to cart tracking etc and then create easy process till they complete their payment journey.

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