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What is the Difference between SEO & PPC

      SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is basically a term to rank a keyword or keyword phrase on the 1st page  or  Top pages of Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

 In simple words when any internet user searches a keyword in Google Search Box like “buy shoes online, Google displays top 10 results on their 1st page. If your website ranks in the top 10, then you have a good chance of getting new users visiting your website. As SEO professionals our duty is to get our website ranking as high as we can, like the #1st spot on Google. But in Today’s times, it tough to rank on Top 10, and even if you rank you need to retain the top position as competitors will come up with better optimization plan to derank you and rank themselves and at the same time Search Engines brings lots and lots of update which can derank your website if they are not upto the mark of those updates

As as internet marketing activity has it’s won goals, so also SEO has its own unique Goals.Goals in SEO – Top ranking or More Visitors or Leads or Bookings or Subscribers or Registration + Conversion or Sales or Customer Acquisition

Higher the Goal, the hire the SEO Specialist charges his fees.
Also need to avoid all the Black Hat SEO Practitioners who Promises to rank website in 15 days but in the end it will result in the penalization of your website.
SEO comprises of various elements like Technical + Content Writing Skills + Research + Brainstorming + Optimization + Competition Analysis + Link Building + Auditing + UI + UX + Branding + Socializing + IT + Marketing

SEO takes time to work out but has valuable long-term benefits.
SEO requires ongoing work and has larger benefits even if your budget has stopped.
If you want to work on SEO for a car insurance website, it will take lot of time to achieve good rankings but once your get your keywords to rank on top spots, you give get portential leads and good business, even if your paid campaigns has stopped.

PPC is Pay Per Click where you get to rank on high in search Results for the search query but you incur a cost only when someone clicks on your ads. These are ads by Google.
PPC comprises of Research + Biddings + Marketing + Budgeting + Advertising
In PPC you can rank quickly for your desired query or keywords but still note there will be the other competitors want to rank for those keywords. Your ads will run till the time your budget set for that day gets exhausted.

The goal in PPC are same as that of SEO the only difference is SEO is a free activity & PPC is a paid activity

For eg : if you set your daily budget to Rs 500 per day, you will be charged Rs 500 only and your ads will shown till the time your budgets get exhausted.
You are charged on the basis of the clicks of the person and if people only view your ad and not click on your ad, you will not be charged.

Check the below snapshot for a quick demo on SEO & PPC

health insurance plans
health insurance plans in India

If you can see in the above image in the top section mentioned for the keyword “ health insurance plans in India” are  3 PPC ads  which are called as Search Ads 
You can always see the letters “Ad” which states that it is an ad
And section below are the Search Ads  which are number  1  & 6 and those  people may ask between 1 to 6 are called as SEO Listing or Organic Listings. There are totally 10 organic results per Google page.(those are free listing)

You are not charged when someone searches for “health insurance plans in India” and clicks on the organic listing but when people click on the Search Ads section or the Product listing ad section you are charged. The charges depends on the bid that you set per click and the competition for that key phrase.


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