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Monday, 21 January 2019

Content Writing tips to write persuasive content for your blog or website

Content Writing tips to write persuasive content for your blog or website

content writing tips

I am going to reveal some quick tips that will help every content writer to write content in an unqiue ways

1) Subject  matter expert : First of all you need to be an expert of a subject matter before you start to write content on those types of topics
2) Target Audience : Secondly you need to know your target audience.  You need to know who are going to be your readers and you can different buyers persona based on your research
3) Headline : You need to write a catchy headline which will attract the users to read more of your content
4)SEO : You need to updated yourself with some seo skills so that your website is found by search engines
5)keyword Research : You need to do some keyword research or you can take help of some seo person to do the keyword research so that he can find some trendy topic and trends keywords that should go with your blogs
6) Proper Structure : You need to have  a proper & consistent structure to deliver your content to your audeince
7) Interlinking : You need to add up some hyper links to various keywords in your blogs  or content so that they are linking out the some helpful resouces to your audience.
8) Grammar : Your grammar reads to be go enough so that your blogs looks professional
9) Valuable : You need to provide value to your content, so that if the content is valuable users will definitely keep back coming on your website
10) Readability : You need to make use of flesh reading score for readability purpose
11) Dictionary Support : Always keep your online dictionary to help you and your users with some meaningful words
12) Formatted Content:  You need to properly format your content. You need to divide your divide your content in various paragraphs and various pointers for better understanding of the content
13) Proof ReadAlways take the help of your friends and colleagues to proof read your content
14) Avoid Repetition: Avoid all needless repetation and make your content look meaningful
15)Graphics : Add some good images that can help you to convey the right message to your audience
16)Quotes : Make use of some quotes of the people in your industry or your industry leaders or influencers
17) Testimonials : make use of customer testimonaials to give credibility to your content.
18) Call to action: You need to have appropriate CTA in  your content by giving the right roadmaps to your users.
19) Focused Topics : keep all you blog content focused to 1 topic per article and dont mix lot of topics to 1 article
20) BIU Tags : Make use of bold, itlaics and underline at prominent places
21) Avoid all passive tense and unnecessary jargons
22) Multimedia :  You can add some videos to your content to  make it more engaging

If you want to add up any content to this blog, feel free to mention it in the comments below


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