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 SEO Expert in Mumbai | Digital Marketing Updates | Sebastian Braganza

Digital Marketing Latest Updates by professional Sebastian Braganza who writes blogs on digital marketing, seo , ppc, social media etc related niche areas for novice as well as professionals.

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SEO Experts Share Their Most Effective SEO Tips to get Massive Traffic

SEO Experts share their most effective SEO Tips to get massive traffic and meet SEO goals

1. Sebastian Braganza : SEO Specialist & Digital Marketing Strategist

seo expert

  Identify Low Hanging Fruit Keyword & Check the Keyword Difficulty Score of the Keywords that you want to Rank for because if keyword research is done properly, all SEO strategies falls in right place

Optimize for Voice Search as Voice SEO is the New SEO

Offpage : Create valuable Resource of articles for the benefit of users and create Content Roundups to give your audience the best tips and techniques in an dynamic way.

2. Neha Trivedi : SEO Manager at Edgytal

seo manager

Internal linking - We often think that the only links which are effective for a website are links from other websites, also known as backlinks. While backlinks are important, there are other important links as well. Internal links are a great way to boost a website’s SEO friendliness.

Offpage : Push notifications are clickable messages sent to a browser on your device. These notifications can be sent to the users who have subscribed for the push notifications. As these notifications are pushed by browser, the subscribers don’t need to be browsing your website to receive the notifications. Once the users subscribe to the notifications, they will receive these notifications on mobile, desktop and tablet.

They do not directly impact on SEO. They continually redirect valuable users back to your website. This redirect helps in increasing traffic, thereby increasing user engagement, consequently improving the website’s SEO.

3. Ashwini Bissa Kumar - Freelancer Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant
seo freelancer

User Intent Content: Forget Keywords, now it's more important that your website content should be user inclined and not keyword. Try to create a content which can offer great help to your users search. That's when your rank will scale up.

Search Console: As a SEO enthusiast, one should do friendship with Search Console. This is one website which not many people have hands on to, but this tool can help you not only improve your search appearance but also your indexing and other important parameters.

4. Venkatesh Kumar : Online Marketer 
online marketer
Write through and deep articles on the particular topic. The average first page results are more than 2000 words.

This is my favourite SEO strategy of all time and I use this as my SEO strategy.

5. Rajesh Som - SEO Manager at Netking Web Services Pvt. Ltd

seo service manager
Implement NAP code (Name – Address – Phone Number)
GEO tag Optimization

Rich snippet Optimization

6. Aamir Siddiqui - SEO Expert

seo prof

Mobile first algorithm is most important for all the websites. Now, every business entrepreneur should more focus on mobile as people are more likely to convert through smart phones and tablets these days

7. Allen Elochukwu - SEO Professional

seo professional

Local SEO Marketing Optimization
User Experience optimization and mobile friendly layouts
Friendly looking user interface

Indepth relevant content about your products

8. Mayuresh More - SEO Professional

seo executive

As backlinks are still one of the 3 best seo factors, we need to go for forum posting from high authority sites and we need to be helpful to our audience rather than forceful link building, Joining Forums and getting helpful links helps build the domain authority of our website.

9. Suyog Shinde

Using a robots.txt file is one of your best options to optimise the crawl budget of your website. Imagine an e-commerce website generating loads of internal search pages. Google won't crawl those pages if you disallow them through a robots.txt file. Also make good use of noindex nofollow tag if you want to prevent certain pages/sections of your site from getting indexed.

Before I end my blog I would like to elaborate the benefits of  Neha's SEO tips in detail as she had stated

Internal linking benefits :
 1. It makes it easier for visitors to navigate around the website so that they can find out the relevant content, thereby reducing website bounce rate.

2. It ensures your website gets properly crawled allowing search engines to find and index all the website pages.

3. It increases the relevancy of pages to the respective keywords, thereby helping in increased Google Page Rank of website pages.

Push Notification benefits :
1. Wide audience reach
 2. Direct appearance on device
 3. High conversion rate

I have just gained some of the choicest tips from some of the SEO professional. If you feel some other tips need to be or want to share your tips, feel free to send me your tips through my contact us form and your tip will also be added to the Blog post.


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