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Proven Viral Marketing Tips and Techniques that every marketer should follow for successful campaigns

Proven Viral Marketing Tips and Techniques that every marketer should follow for successful campaigns

viral marketing tips

  1. Create an engaging video and youtube, dailymotion, vimeo. Try to make some humorous videos and share it in your friends group on whatsapp and other social media channels
  2. You can also ask various netowrks of bloggers and website owners in your connection to embed video on their website of blogs
  3. Create great visuals - either a gif, infographic  or an image with humorous or emotional text and engaging content
  4. Shoot out your viral campaigns at those times when your friends or your audience are online on their social platforms
  5. Always go with some trendy topics. Check out tools like, buzzsumo, sniply, google trends, newswhip spike, and don’t forget to check the section of what’s poplular on youtube
  6. Make use of tools like canva and unsplash to create some great graphics
  7. Offer your product or service for free and your will definitely get a lot of audience.
  8. Connect with influencer in your network and give them your product for free, so if they find the product valuable they will share in their network
  9. Create few versions of the videos series and implement a progressive campaign and keep on publishing the continuation of the story or new video which goes with the previous video
  10. Invest in Stumbleupon paid discovery channel
  11. Publish all your images on image sites like twitter, tumblr, reddit, instagram, pinterest etc
  12. Make sure to implement a call to action in the content copy of your video or image. It may be that you want them to view more videos of your brand or participate in an event.
  13. Invest in all types of social media ads for with the goal of branding and reach oriented.
  14. You can use tools like to write down your ideas like and before your make the final outcome product
  15. You can reward your audience if they met a certain part of your goal. Eg if they view a video and at the last 5 seconds of the video was a link with some freebies that they would get to watch this video
  16. Use tools like Alltop which can give you ideas to create new viral article


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