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How to reduce bounce rate on your website

Bounce Rate Optimization Tips 2018

Bounce is an important metric when it comes to seo, pcc or nay part tof your digital marketing. No market or website owners like his visitors to bounce of from his site for any reasons.

bounce rate optimization

  1. Proper Implementation on the event tracking code on your webpage can help you reduce your bounce rate as when an event is occured, there is no bounces for that session
  2. You need to personalize your website for different visitor segments
  3. Always give fresh and unique content to your audience. They need to find something new and interesting on your blog or website
  4. Always put hyperlinks or read more tab for important keywords in your content so that if user find the content interesting, he will click on that portion and remain on that webpage
  5. All your interlinked keywords with external links should open in new tab so that users stays on the website for a longer period of time and browse the other content and then come back on your content. In such case the average session got increased on your website
  6. Visualize your visitors behaviour with the help of heatmaps through the use of inpage analytics
  7. You can also check from which part of your website has the person left off through the use of some good tools like clicktale
  8. Content Readability - make sure that users can read you content. Format your text, images, banners, forms etc in such a way that users can read every piece of content. Make sure you are using he right font, font style, text alignment, proper text and background colours so that it’s easy for user to read your content
  9. Don’t use popups within 5 - 10 seconds, You can use pop ups if you want to use after 3 mins of the user staying on your website. Also give him a way to click on the cross button if he or she does not want to take that specific action related to the pop up
  10. CTA - Give them proper call to action buttons - either on sliding banner, form, contact up page link, clickable number on mobile, add to cart option if it’s an ecommerce website, proper sign up button, sign for newsletter or blogs in footer section.
  11. Make all your CTA relevant to your landing page
  12. Display Company Information properly on website like the Name, Contact Info, Co Address, timings, email ID, social media buttons etc
  13. Make use of live chat support and let the users interact with you online or even offline
  14. Target Keywords with high targeted traffic and low hanging fruit keywords with good search volume with the relevant content going with the keywords
  15. Improve your brand story telling - Incorporate you story telling in the content and build up a loyal audience by being truthful and trustful
  16. Get the right traffic, not all the traffic. Make sure the users who lands on your page gets the right information that he is looking for
  17. Make sure that you page get loads within 5 seconds. Many sites have lost valuable audience due to page speed load issues
  18. An exit pop up with an irresistible offer can make you hang on the website for a good period of time
  19. You can create multiple landing pages for high search volume keywords
  20. Reduce the bounce rate through profit index method in google analytics


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