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24 tips in choosing the right winning domain name for your website

24 tips in choosing the right domain name for your website

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  1. First of all, always brainstorm with your friends and colleagues on the domain name that you wish to have. Collect all the names suggested before you book it
  2. Always go for .com domains. If you want target a country only then use the country level domain
  3. Your domain name should be short mainly of 2 words joined together
  4. Make use of your brand name + a keyword of your niche
  5. Make sure your domain name is brand oriented as brand domain are in the minds of users for a longer period of time
  6. You domain name should be unique. You audience should differentiate you from your competitors
  7. Make sure your domain name is easy to spell and pronounce, so that it remains in the minds of readers for a longer time
  8. You domain name should be easy to remember. You will get lot of direct traffic if people remember your domain name and type in your domain name correctly
  9. You domain name should describe your business and should always be relevant to your business.
  10. Avoid underscrolls and hypens. But you can make use of hypens in the last scenario but never use underscrolls
  11. Avoid the use of doubled letters  -  eg kidsspain.com. The word s is doubled used. Typo erros can occur and can result in lost of some traffic
  12. You can also created micro pages using location names in the domain urls
  13. Avoid numbers in your domain name. use it only if it is related to your brand.
  14. To protect your domain names you need book various domain extension so that other competitor should not get advantage of your brand name - abc.com. abc.net. abc.org all should be booked
  15. You can also purchase common misspelling domains for your domain names on the safer side
  16. Make sure the domain name you use is not trademarked or copyrighted by other company, otherwise it may lead to legal cases
  17. Look for domain names that is availbale across all social networks. Sometimes you may get a domain name from domain registrar for your website but these may namesnot be available on important social networks like facebook, twitter instagram, pinterest etc
  18. Make sure that the domain name you want is not blacklisted or penalized. Do a “site:” search in search engine. If the domain existed before, and “site:” search returns nothing, it’s a good sign that that domain has been removed from Google’s index. You can also make sue of tools like ; https://archive.org/web/ and http://research.domaintools.com/research/whois-history/ for your research purpose.
  19. Make use of tools like - https://justdropped.com/ as it helps to find domains that are expired
  20. Check out various domain registrars and select the providers with the best price
  21. Avoid the tactic of exact match domain as they are no longer supported by search engines for ranking purpose
  22. If you are ecommerce site than definitely go for the https version i.e. secured version
  23. If you are not getting the domain of your choice , trying appending with suffix and prefixs
  24. One tip never to forget : always purchase the domain name in your own name for the best security measures


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