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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Social Media Best Practices 2018 for Businesses & Brands

Social Media Best Practices 2018 for Businesses & Brands

  1. Research where your audience is talking about you and your industry
  2. Segment your audience into right niche groups
  3. Research on your competitor’s content by using tools like buzzsumo etc
  4. Maintain your personal and professional accountds as 2 separate accounts
  5. Give a solution to your audience in every post
  6. Focus on more visual and less words
  7. Create Video content because they are trending and also goes viral
  8. Post when your audience are active or online on that particular platform
  9. Use the right hashtags relevant to your brand. You can create some unique hashtags too but and don’t misuse it
  10. One rule of thumb, always engage with your audience and respond them them promptly
  11. Make sure that your CTA button is mobile friendly
  12. Use URL shortener like and make use of the space to give the right message to your audience
  13. Add links in your post to be redirected to your ready landing page
  14. Create a powerful landing page with lead magnets to capture the leads
  15. Don’t follow and then unfollow people once they follow you.
  16. Set your goals by using some free analytics tools like google analytics and see whether you are meeting your goals or not
  17. Create a content calendar and post according
  18. Identify the influencers in your industry and build connections with them
  19. Tag influencer, brands and famous people in your posts
  20. Mingle with mirco infuncers in your niche
  21. Create content that you help you achieve your goal
  22. If you run ads, get the right ads in front of your right audience depending on interest, behavior and various other targeting.


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