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Latest Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Updates 2018

Latest Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Marketing Updates 2018

Google Text ads gets bigger
You will see headline 3 added to headline 1 & 2 with 30 character and description 2 added to description 1 with 90 characters. Both headlien and description length has been increased. 

Mac Users can Now use Bing Ads Editor

Bing has released its’ ads editor for Mac users. It will have many of the same features like multi-account management, copying & pasting across accounts and a user-friendly interface.

New Bing Pilots Ads
Bing has launched a pilot program designed to improve campaign pefromanced by automatically creating variations of your existing ads

The New Adwords Interface Lookup
It will ease out the bidding process and ppc budgeting

Price Extensions to be shown for google adwords across all devices
Google AdWords price Extensions will now be shown across all devices. Previously the used to appear below mobile text ads for advertisers to highlight specific products or services but now no additional efforts to be taken for the same.

Google simplifies its brand with Google Ads, Marketing Platform  and Ads manager

Parallel Tracking to speed up mobile landing page delivery
Instead of processing the tracking with the landing page, Google is introducing “parallel tracking” to process the tracking URL, the AdWords click tracker and possible redirects in the background while the user goes straight to the landing page.

Google Shopping Feeds Changes
Google every year makes changes tot eh google shopping feeds like long title and descriptions will be truncated and not disapproved, the condition attribute to new product has been removed and cost of goods sold metric has been added

Google updated the look of ad extensions
Google recently updated the way that we serve sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets in your ads. Sitelinks have become a swipeable carousel, while callouts and structured snippets now appear in the same area of the ad as your description text.

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