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31 Page Speed Optimization Tips

Page Speed Optimization Tips

page speed optimization

  1. Reduce server response time
  2. Avoid all bad requests
  3. Enable Compression / Gzip
  4. Leverage browser caching
  5. Render blocking CSS
  6. Render blocking javascript
  7. Minimize redirects
  8. Enable keep-alive
  9. Critical Rendering Path by making big pages load faster
  10. Prioritize visible content by optimizing above the fold content
  11. Optimize CSS delivery
  12. Content Delivery Networks gets your webpages files faster for users
  13. Defer loading javascript
  14. Avoid CSS @import as it affects your page speed
  15. Minimize DNS lookups
  16. Optimize style / script order as all style tags should be placed before the scripts
  17. Combine external javascript
  18. Combine external CSS
  19. Have full control over your .htaccess file
  20. Deferring Images without using JQuery of lazy loading
  21. Make use of HTTP Strict Transport Security can be used to remove the redirect needed for secure sites from http to https.
  22. Optimize for the pages core functionality. 
  23. Inline all small CSS
  24. Inline all small JS
  25. Defer videos on your website
  26. Optimize for time for first byte
  27. Serving critical CSS files from the same domain as your HTML file 
  28. Call CSS first
  29. Use less external CSS files
  30. CSS image sprites
  31. Defer multiple javascripts


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