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Does changing your server affect SEO

Yes changing the server has some effect on SEO. It’s best to consider the location of the servers.”

Make sure the location of the previous server country and the server that you are transferring needs to the same otherwise it may have effect on seo

Let there be No changes in page structure & names

Make sure that it is does not affect speed and responsiveness

Check this video for more reference

    Set you DNS time to live, your TTL to be very slow like 5 minutes bcz if DNS is cached for day & they will look up what your IP address and then they will be cached for 24 hours and then they will go to your old IP address, So if you set your DNS Time To Live to very short like 5 minutes and then you can bring up the website on both locations, switch the DNS to point from the old to the new and then within five minutes or so, you should see everybody clear their cache and start to visit this new page.
     As soon as Googlebot is visiting the new pages then you know we've seen the DNS changed to the new IP address and then you should be in pretty good shape. Even for the people that mistakenly cached DNS for 24 hours and there are some, you know, browser or places around the Web that do that, usually 24 hours is enough for that to migrate. So if you can set your Time To Live to be a little short, great. But if not, just keep it—keep your site live on both locations, both IP addresses for 24 hours and you should be in great shape. Most people can switch their IP address and never have any issue whatsoever.

So, I wouldn't be worried from an SEO perspective.

We need to ensure that search engines are crawling the site at it's new locations.

 Try to keep downtimes to a minimum during the migration.

Kindly read this short blog too related to the loading speed of the website & Uptime

Also need to check from the perspective of IP

1) Make sure your IP is not blacklisted
2) Make sure that the IP is on the same server of the country, where it was previously hosted.

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