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Importance of Guest Posts to SEO

          Search engine optimization remains to be one of the most elusive internet marketing approaches today. There is much information about it, and so is the misinformation surrounding it, making it utterly confusing for many people. However, despite the jumbled up facts and misconceptions, one point that remains is that it is one of the most effective ways to get quality, targeted and unlimited traffic to websites. Many are the approaches being used to execute search engine optimization, with blog posting a top consideration that may still use to this very day

    Guest posting is a content marketing strategy, and it is a vital method for any business or brand keen on spreading its tentacles amongst similar like-minded companies across the internet. Blogging is always known to be effective in not just sharing useful information with followers, but also it can be used to build communities, get subscribers and grow the customer base of business.

What is Guest Posting? 

Also known as guest blogging, guest posting refers merely to writing and publish a blog on another person’s website or blog. If done in the right manner, guest posting can be incredibly powerful both to the blogger as well as the publishing site. However, if done in the wrong way, its consequences may be devastating to both parties. It goes without saying that posts destined for guest blogging must be of an impeccable quality so that the visitors of the publishing site may find it relevant and useful.

How does guest posting work When you are a blogger, and you publish a guest post on another person’s website or blog, you will not just be looking forward to sharing useful information with their audience. The primary objective of guest blogging is to earn a valuable backlink (discussed in detail below) to your website. With every guest post you publish, you will leave your bio information and a link back to your site so that the readers may navigate from the publisher’s website to your site if they want to learn more about the topic you wrote about. So at the end of the day, you will be getting a relevant, quality link back to your site, as well as an increase in traffic from the readers who will be clicking through to your website.

Guest Post and Search Engine Optimization
 The main objective of search engine optimization is to get your website ranking high up the search engine result pages so that you can have access to unlimited free traffic. There are some approaches used to achieve this, and guest posting is believed to be a practical approach, with a plethora of benefits that supersedes just the mere sharing of content.

Here is a look at some of the specific ways through which guest posting is essential as far as search engine optimization is concerned-:
Quality backlinks A backlink is one of the standard metrics used by search engines like Google to evaluate a site’s relevance and calculate its rank. Back in the days, it was possible to increase search engine ranking by merely having thousands of backlinks pointing back to your site. As a result, a majority of marketers began posting thousands of articles to article submission sites so that they can have many backlinks to enhance their SEO ranks. However, this was not a right approach because the links were of inferior quality and the sites which ended up getting top positions were not relevant to the information needed by users. The most significant concern when it comes to creating backlinks is the quality of the links and not the quantity. It is recommended to have a few links from quality sites with high domain authority as opposed to having thousands of backlinks from thin sites with low domain authority. In fact, the search engines are now punishing sites with thousands of low-quality backlinks. Now that you have an idea of how backlinks play out in SEO, let’s look at how guest posting fits into all these

   As indicated earlier, every guest post you create will have a link pointing back to your site. The idea of guest posting is to have your blogs posted on different websites with higher authority than yours across the internet. When the search engines notice that many authority sites have links pointing back to your website, they will perceive that your site must be of great value and relevant to the industry, and consequently increase your site’s authority and reward you with higher rankings. This is the primary way how gust blogging contributes to a site’s search engine optimization, though there are other benefits as discussed below. Enhance the site’s credibility When you write in a particular niche and share your content across multiple relevant websites through guest posts, you will soon pass out as an authority in the field, increasing the number of people interested in reading your posts on a regular basis. The process will also see you build trust amongst your followers and the new people arriving at your website through the various guest posts you have all over the internet. To the search engines, increased authority is an indication of relevance and good user experience, which will then compel them to rank your website higher in that particular niche. This will go a long way in giving you lots of free, targeted and high-quality traffic.

   Guest posting stimulate social network shares 
 Gone are the days when social media networks were ignored as part of an SEO strategy. Most search engines now consider the amount and nature of activity in the social pages to gauge the relevance of content as well as the user experience. There is numerous example where social media posts ranked on top positions in the search engines just because of the shares and the comments the post received. It shows that social media is powerful in ranking and should never be ignored when thinking about SEO. When you create an exciting guest post, and it ends up getting thousands of shares, likes, and mentions across the internet, it becomes clear to the search engines that your information was of good value to the users, and they showed their appreciation by sharing it with their friends in social media. This is a strong indication of relevance which the search engines are interested in when calculating site rankings, and consequently, your search rankings are bound to increase. Still, with social media networks, you will gradually grow your social media following as you continue to post more guest posts. With time, you will have a passionate community of people who will be highly interested in your content, and even you will no longer be creating guest posts, the content on your site will continue to get shares and mentions all over the internet. This will contribute to your site's authority which will have a direct impact in the rankings, thus being a good thing as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

High-Quality Traffic
Quality traffic is an essential part of search engine optimization. One of the benefits of guest blogging is that it will direct highly targeted traffic to your website. This is the kind of traffic that will come to your site and not leave immediately because they will find useful and relevant information on the sites. They will also take time to click through other links on the sites to explore other content you have to offer. This will lead to little bounce following rate – a metric the search engines love to use while evaluating sites. With this quality of traffic, your search rankings are bound to increase with time.

 Increase the domain authority of your website 
Guest blogging is a highly effective strategy for increasing the domain authority of your website. The higher the domain authority, the better the search engine ranking of the website and the higher the amount of traffic the site will get. With blog posting, domain authority comes from the fact that you are producing high quality and relevant content that gets shared across different places online. It is a little gift you get in addition to increasing the site's authority. Secondly, your guest posts will likely be posted in blogs and websites with higher domain authority than your websites, and this kind of interaction may also contribute towards your site getting more credibility and gaining higher domain authority.

 Additionally, the increase in the number of high quality and relevant backlinks will go a long way in helping the site get more credibility and more authority on the internet. The one thing that must, however, be stressed when considering guest posting as a means of enhancing search engine optimization for your website is quality and relevance. It is imperative that you research your niche and do guest posts only on blogs with higher authority and relevant to your specific niche. This is not like when you are dealing with article submission sites where there is no regard for quality or relevance.

     Also of great importance is the use of keywords while creating the guest posts. It is vital to research and use the proper keywords as these are the terms that users will type in the search engines when looking for answers. If you get the keywords rights then write high-quality posts, nothing will stop you from getting good SEO results. Finally, guest posting must be done in moderation. It is not advisable to go for guest posting services that will automate the process for you. Such services are not natural, and the search engines have a way of detecting them, and will not fail to punish your site if you are found guilty of trying to use shortcuts to achieve higher rankings.

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