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3 Game Changing Seo Trends You Must Look Out For In 2018

        “Are you wondering what trends in SEO are going to rule the market in 2018? Read the article to know more.“ If you are in the digital marketing industry, you already know how the trends keep changing through every year. Some of the trends work for the brands and find their permanent place in the list of strategies of the marketing experts. While, some end up being pointless, even after showing some promises in the first place. But it is those trends that stay, which ultimately shape up the ups and downs in the market. So, when you are thinking of making a mark for your brand in the market and wondering what can be the best way to do that, you must know about the SEO trends that are going to rule the year 2018. If you are not handling the SEO of your brand and are going to hire an SEO agency Sydney, make sure that they are familiar with the trends that are going to be dominating the market in 2018. If you are wondering what trends we are talking about, then take a look at the following points to know more.

Voice Search
 If you take a look at the market of 2017, you will know that one out of three queries generally comes from voice search. Since users are keener to use the internet from their mobile devices, it is obvious that they are looking for the quick and most relevant search results. That is why the popularity of voice search is increasing in manifolds. With the long tail keywords and the natural language that can match the conversational tone of the user, voice search is becoming the next big thing in the sphere of internet marketing Sydney.

Focus on User Experience
 More than the appeal and attractiveness, it is the user experience that will receive more focus this year. The search engine giant has already made it clear through its algorithm that if you are thinking of staying at the top of the search results, it is necessary that the focus remains on satisfying your users with the smooth navigation across the site and the compelling content, which provide the users with the relevant information at the right time. This will eventually contribute to the increasing rate of conversion.

 Featured Snippets and Quick Answer
 Since Google is focusing more on the user experience now, to cater to the increased demand for quick results, it has introduced the featured snippet. Needless to say, since the advent of it, all companies are trying hard to reach the position 0 in the SERP. Appearing in the snippets will require one method on the part of the content that you are going to upload in the website. Generally, the pattern that Google follows is “What” or “How” so that the user gets the quick answer to his or query from the featured snippet. Make sure while writing and structuring your content, following the pattern of “What’’ or ‘‘How” and increase the chances of more conversion on your website. So, now as you know about these three trends, what are you waiting for? Implement them in your strategies in 2018 or ask the Australian SEO Company you are hiring, to incorporate these so that you can experience a smooth journey towards a higher level of success

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