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Top 35 Tips to get your visitors to come back to your Website

How to keep your visitors to return back on your website ?

85% of your visitors who come on your website, do not return back on  your website and if the visitors are not returning back on your website, it may be that they are not getting what they came for or their competitors are offering something better or it can b enay other reason. But as a marketer its our duty to make a users and even customer to come back again on our website.

I am going to list down Top 35 tips as how to get your user to keep coming back on your website again. In this post I am not explaining you how to get new visitors to your site but how to get the visitors to keep returning on your website.

returning visitors

  1. Relevant Content : The most important thing is to right the right content that the users are looking for when they were searching online through search engine or any other portals and it should also solve their problem and also give appropriate call to action in the content. Don’t forget to mention your USP of your brand in the content.
  2. Customized landing page : You can customize your landing page based on what users have purchase before , or what they have viewed before or what they were searching before. You can create a section Like ‘”Items Viewed Before” or Items Searched previously.
  3. User Experience (UX) : Make sure your website is well designed with the right colours, fonts, font sizes, appropriate images & good multimedia content and simple to understand. Your website should have clear navigation and should be well optimized for both mobile and desktop version. All the users should get the read the content as readability matters a lot
  4. Brand Identity : People remember your website if you have branded well, there create brand campaigns around all digital channels and let your logo and slogan be remember in their minds. Google Display Advertising is on the best way to get your brand in front of your audience  as well as other branding activities will also work.
  5. Website URL Naming : Don’t keep your website url domain as lengthy but it should go with your brand name  and should be short if possible only 1 keyword so that the users can type directly your brand url if it is easy to remember. : eg eg
  6. Suggested Content : Create a suggested content section on your website so that users can refer to it now or in future. These suggested content should complement the content on that page. There are various plugin online that can help you pertaining to this.
  7. New Content : Highlight all new and popular content on your website because all users like to go for trendy things. You need to have a section of popular and new content on your website.
  8. Rewarding Brand Advocates : You should always reward your loyal customers so that they maintain their overall loyalty for your brand and keep coming back on your website. You can launch a referral program and loyalty program and give them free gifts, vouchers, discounts etc.
  9. Build Connections : Always build connection with your audience over all the digital platform whether it is website, social, app etc.
  10. Email Subscription : Encourage all your users to subscriber to your blog to get more updates relevan to the content they are looking for and always give them valuable content in the form of blogs. Make sure that email subscribe form and button is clearly displayed on the website. Everytime we post a new blog post, these users will get the update about the blog post through email and will come back on our website to read the content. You can even have a call to action to subscribe to your post at the end of your posts, so that aleast new visitors who have landed on your website for the first time, may subscribe to your blog to some extent. In all your welcome emails mentions your social media links
  11. Timely Service : Give your audience timely services like the delivery of the product within 1 or 2 days so that users are confident of getting their things quickly and will always go for your website if they want something also at the last moment. You need to provide free shipping to your materials.
  12. Chat Box engagement : Engage with your customers, , ask they did they get what they came for, ask them what they need, give them replies immediately. Have a 24 hour chat handling customer care so that every users query are answered inmmediately, so that they take decision quickly. Many a tiems you may lose prospect because you were offline and the user went to your competitors and had a chat with them and got their work done
  13. Compelling Deals and Offers : Always give them some offers and a good deal so that if the deal is quite interesting, they may bookmark the page  and go out to out competitors and compare prices and other stuff and will definitely come back on our website again for that deal.
  14. Hosting Contests : Run a contest on your website and share it on social networks and show the rewards that the winners will be receiving. You can also give out some small rewards or any digital products even for the participants. This will encourage lot of visitors to come on your site frequently and keep on hosting monthly contests.
  15. Website Speed : Make sure your website loads within 3 seconds on both desktop and on mobile, otherwise it may lead to bounces
  16. Interesting Stories : Tell interesting story on your website, people will keep coming back to know  more about your story and make your story to be engaging and shareable
  17. Mobile Optimized : Make sure your website is mobile optimized and mobile friendly because users will never come back where they find it difficult to access content.
  18. Social Media Integrations : Insert all your relevant social media widget on your website so that user can see your social content and then like your page or follow you on these social media paths and they might see you updates on social channels  and then can come back on your website
  19. Sitebased Remarketing Campaigns : You can create remarketing campaigns on Google & Facebook so that when any users goes to any website who are among the Google & facebook ad networks will see your ads in front of their eyes on those website and these methods so drive your visitors back on your website
  20. List based Retargeting : Its actually known as  custom audience targeting & CRM targeting which retargets users based on their email addresses. It uses a huge network of data partners with them to tag its visitors based on their email addresses. This can help your old leads to come back and check your website and you can even upsell to your existing customers.
  21. Upcoming & Future Products : If any new products are going be to launched in the future, you can tease your audience and customers by releasing new information in small doses
  22. FAQ Pages : You can create a FAQ page as some customers don’t like to call or chat as they are not comfortable with these methods, so a FAQ page should help them get resolved with all their queries
  23. Video Page : Create Video page content on your website and host all your vidoes. Now a days users like video content a lot and they will come back on your website looking for all those video content.You need to provide a series of video on your Video Page
  24. Thank You page Optimization  : Every uses that fills a form  or  makes a payment online they need to be redirected to the thank you and you need to optimize your thank with some more helpful links, other resource list, other recommendations, social sharing links and a Big Thank You message. These factors help drive visitors to come back to check for more helpful resources.
  25. Testimonials : Keep some great testimonials and reviews of real people with their real images on your website, so that users have a trust on your brand before they make purchases. Users also view reviews online on other review portal sites and then they take a decision whether they trust your website and go back on your website.
  26. Case Studies : Display real life case studies on your website, so that users get solutions to most of their problems and keep coming back to your site to see some more case studies.
  27. Shareable & Bookmarking : You need to have social sharing icons on your website so that users can share your content among their networks and even bookmark your content for better purpose in future.
  28. Build Relationships via groups  : Create groups on Social media platforms  and join other social media groups and keep posting your blog content  and keep building relationship with most of the audience in those. If is always said that if your consistent post content atleast 5% of the group people will visit you website and if you are able to build good communication with them, you can gain these users to keep on frequently accessing your website without even becoming your subscribers. You can do so by joining groups on facebook and linkedin social networks.
  29. Linking Out : Link out to small bloggers in your content providing relevant content and they will link out to you and keep checking your website because of the relationship you have built with them. It not only help you in your SEO & marketing but it help your user as they are getting more helpful content.
  30. Push Notifications Via App : You need to encourage your users to download  your app for better usage of your content. You need to put your app links on various places on your website, so that if they download your app, they will get notifciations from the app which is called a push notifications when you host new content. Make sure that your website is sync with website, if you going with this method.
  31. Lead magnets : You can offer lot of lead magnets to your users. Leads magnets are giving freebies to your users. It can be download a free ebook, download the reports, download this free infographic or give out anything free in exchange of their emails IDs and mentioned that more free content will be given in future. All users love free content or free materials and will keep coming back on your website to get these free materials. You need to give them time oriented content like “ grab this offer now as this free offer is available today only.
  32. Tripwire Strategies : Tripwire is just another form of advanced way of lead magnets. In this you can offer free material with some upgrades for a smaller price if they want to go for it. If people like the free content that you have given they will definitely come back looking for the upgraded content  or may bookmark your website if they want to upgrade the same in future.
  33. Series of Resources : You need to provide a series of blog content on various topic and users will keep coming to your website of they want to look for those series of content. You can even display a series of relevant content by some of the industry leaders and then users will definitely come back looking for the content as these resources are a good platform for reference materials
  34. Guest Posts : You need to allow various guest bloggers to come and post helpful content on your website, so that if those users trust those bloggers, will definitely come to see the updates of those bloggers.
  35. SEO : Optimize your website and blog for various keywords in your niche , so that you rank on top for most of the keywords. If most of your keywords are ranking on top 3, there is a good chance for those visitors to come back on your website, if they are searching for relevant queries that you are ranking well.
If you want to add more pointers , please feel free to add it in the comments & if your like the content, kindly share it among your networks and please subscribe to my blog for future updates.


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