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35 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips that actually works

35 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips that actually works in 2018


  1. You need to create a business Page, not a personal profile.
  2. Choose the right category for your business page
  3. You need to claim your facebook Page's vanity URL like facebook/brandname
  4. Don’t forget to add a CTA button on your facebook page as per the cover photo goal
  5. Choose the right name as the username for your page that goes with your band name
  6. Keep your brand logo in your profile picture
  7. Create a wonderful cover photo with brand slogans and CTA on it like contact numbers or email IDs. Use tools like animato and create powerful videos for your profile page. You can also use tools like canva or hire a good designer for the same
  8. Add all relevant info in the "About" section
  9. Add your website URL in the section provided in the page profile
  10. Just write a powerful Cliché Line and compelling subject line with a CTA in every post
  11. Add more of videos, image of infographics as they visual content gets more engagement
  12. Optimize for post timings by checking the insight and posting on those intervals when your most online
  13. Always share your blog post in facebook page to gain more subscribers and more visits to your website and remove the link when your have posted
  14. Embed native videos in your blog posts
  15. Include social media buttons on your website for social sharing purpose as social is also counted as factor in Google search algorithm
  16. Promote your contest on facebook and share the same on other social media channels to get more engagement
  17.  You can follow the 70-20-10 rule like posting original content 70% of the time,posting content relevant to your followers’ interests 20% of the time and posting self-promotional content 10% of the time.
  18. Create custom tabs on your page. If needed you can make use of html iframes.
  19. Make use of User generated content just like the way Evernote facebook page does. For reference - https://www.facebook.com/pg/evernote/community/ (community section)
  20. Explore the tool of Facebook Analytics and facebook Insights. You can come to know the post likes, post reach, engagement etc.
  21. Use the Audience insights to analyze the user behaviour
  22. Connect with Influencer and go for Influencer marketing beginning from a small level
  23. Add Company’s milestones like any awards, employees achievement etc.
  24. You need to earn the "Very responsive to messages" badge which is helpful for your business
  25. Add facebook opengraph tags on your website pages and blogs. It will enhance your post when visitors post your blog posts or webpages on facebook
  26. One important thing remember to format your images properly
  27. Promote your page with facebook ads and explore all types of facebook advertising
  28. Testing is very important in digital field.Test multiple versions of a Ads
  29. You can post facebook live videos as such is the trend in the market
  30. Make use of relevant hashtags in your posts
  31. You can schedule all your posts. Make use of tools like hootsuite or postcron for such services
  32. Add Facebook social media buttons to your blog and website.
  33. A best tip - Just subscribe to Facebook's Official Blog for future updates from Facebook.
  34. Engage your friends by asking question by creating engagement posts
  35. Create a Branded facebook group and pin your post to the top of the group page


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