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A Beginners Guide for Content Writer

A Beginners Guide for Content Writer. Content writing is an art and it needs to be developed professionally over  a period of time. This blog post is a good starter guide for all those who wants to make their career in Content Writing

  1. Do your research properly and have a clear understanding of the topic you are going to write
  2. Write as if you are speaking to your friend
  3. Use Google Trends to find out the trending topics
  4. Search out for Question on quora, reditt and answer the public platforms
  5. Follow some good bloggers and adapt their writing style
  6. Also check out some youtubers  in your niche and gain the right info
  7. Check out some infographics, podcast and sheets related to your niche
  8. Make use of some grammer tools like grammerly or any other tools for your spell check
  9. Make use of relevant keywords and study a little bit on SEO
  10. Make use of various tools like seopressor , hubspot to get ideas on headlines to be made for your content as headlines need to be very creative and catchy
  11. Make sure that you divide your content into subheadings, pointers and various paragraphs
  12. Make use of good visuals and videos in your content
  13. Write content which can be engaging and shareable
  14. Give your friend or someone to proof read the content, edit the content and then publish.


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