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Friday, 27 July 2018

Best free ORM tools in 2018

Best free ORM tools & their usage

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  1. ( brand mentions online)
  2.    (daily alerts)
  3.   (brand mentions online)
  4. (brand mentions online)
  5. (get all your apps and devices talking to each other)
  6. ( Complaint Search)
  7.  (Reverse Image)
  8.  (Capture all profiles online)
  9. (Encourage Review Requests)
  10.     (review- fb, g+, yp, rank different store location)
  11. (Local review maintenance)
  12.  (encourage reviews)
  13.    ( brand grader)
  14. (Person's name search tool)
  15. (reviews and surveys)
  16. (reviews, ranking and leads)
  17. (integrated media monitoring intelligence platform)
  18. (social media monitoring)
  19. (social amd messaging channels)
  20. (tracks backlinks)


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