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Top 49 High PR Dofolow Social Bookmarking Sites in 2017 for getting higher ranking in search engine

    There are various sites on the internet where you can find High PR Bookmarking sites.But in his Blog I am going to highlight you the importance ones only

Before we dig further in this topic, let us make clear of these 2 question

1) What is a social Bookmarking sites
A social bookmarking is an online service which allows internet  users to add, edit annotate and share bookmarks of web documents online 

2) What is the use of social bookmarking sites.
Social bookmarking sites are very helpful for SEOs as dofollow links from social bookmarking sites helps in ranking your websites and it also helps to crawl your website as links are one of the way for google to crawl your website

I have listed down 49 most important social bookmarking sites for 2017 and beyond
1) Stumbleupon
2) Reditt
3) Digg
4) Diiggo
5) Myspace
6) BizSugar
7) BibSonomy
8) Folkd
9) Sitebar
10) Sitejot
11) Memotoo
12) Pinterest
13) ScoopIt
14) Plurk
17) Tumblr
18) Startaid
19) Linkagogo
20) Ikeepbookmarks
22) DZone
23) DesignBump
26) Bookmarkee
27) BlogEngage
28) Metafilter
29) BlogBookmark
30) Linkarena
31) Sociopost
32) Youmob
34) DotNetKicks
35) Storfiy
38) AirPim
39) Google Bookmarks
40) Hubpages
42) Fark
43) DesignFloat
44) NewsMeBack
45) CloudyTags
46) Akonter
47) Yemle
48) Openfaves
49) Indofeed


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